We proudly present our latest test of our in-house lighting video using our Carbon Technology. Using Unreal Engine 4 as our foundation, this scene features 64 Robe BMFL Wash Beams, and the famous Winged Victory of Samothrace statue at the Louvre in Paris. We support the following features of this light, which can be used individually or together:

  • Pan/Tilt with Motor time
  • Dimmer/shutter (including random strobe and pulse)
  • Zoom and Iris
  • CMY subtractive color mixing
  • Gradual CTO
  • Color Wheel (subtracts further)
  • Rotating and indexing gobos
  • 4 blade independent framing shutters with Rotating Assembly
  • Animation wheel

This video was recorded live in real time with no baked lighting. The lights were controlled with a GrandMA2, which is transmitting Artnet to Unreal 4.25 using our Carbon Core.
Programming by George Jackson