Back in November ImaginaryLabs took Carbon to Las Vegas to show off to our colleagues. Our good friend Patrick Dierson was kind enough to let us uses his space at The Farm. This was the first time we ever showed Carbon to the public and we as a team couldn’t be happier with the feedback. While spending some time in Vegas, we also did some reflecting on how we could move forward. While standing at the Bellagio Fountains, that’s when it hit us! Our next exploration would be with Fountains and water effects.


A Step Beyond Concerts and Events

We are a company located in Orlando, and while Concerts and Trade Shows are our life blood, we couldn’t help but notice the elephant in the room: theme parks. Both Disney and the Bellagio do amazing shows with water effects and we at ImaginaryLabs were curious if Carbon was capable of executing something like this with previsualization. We wanted to do something like this:

Adding Lights to the Mix

In the video above, you’ll notice there was more than just water effects we had to focus on. The show is called Disney’s World of Color after all and if we want to come close to replicating it, we’d have to figure out a way to light our fountains just like the house of mouse. This was trickier than it sounds because we wanted to do more than just add color, we wanted the lights to feel realistic. We wanted colors to bleed into each other as they would in real life. We spent some time on it and we were surprised with the results.

Water, Fire, and Lights

In just a few short months after coming back from Vegas, we managed to add a whole new system to Carbon. Now in addition to real time volumetric lighting and pyrotechnical effects, we have a new fountain system with dynamic lighting. All of which can be programmed from the same consoles used for real shows. We can’t wait to come back to The Farm and show our friends and colleagues what they’ll be able to do next year.