What is a Kabuki Drape?

As an artist working on Carbon, I wanted to challenge myself and work on something that would stand out over any other Pre-Viz software currently in use. David had brought the Kabuki drape to my attention and I thought diving into that would be a lot of fun.

OK! So after spending time watching whatever video I could find on YouTube, and a few more head scratches, it was time to go to work. First task on my list, was finding a way to make the curtain intractable. It took some time, but I was able to make it work. I could now have the curtain respond to anything in the scene.

Image from Gyazo

When working on your own show, you won’t exactly have an ImaginaryFriend running around in your Carbon scene. Still, I felt it was important the curtain with any and all objects in the scene. Ok, so now I have a curtain that can react with it’s environment and looks like cloth. Great, now lets see if we can get it to drop!

Image from Gyazo

As you can see, there are still some things I need to flesh out, but it’s dropping the way I want it to. The cool thing though is that it’s set up in such a way that it can be dropped from your console the way you would a real Kabuki drape in real life. A few more tweaks and I think it will be ready.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this exciting journey.