Animation Wheels

One of our latest refinements has been towards the animation wheel filter. A multiplicative mask, the animation wheel can be overlayed against any light using a gobo in Carbon. We have also worked to allow as much customization as possible when implementing an animation wheel.

Animation Wheel Texture:

Using Carbon, we have full access to the type of wheel texture overlaying against a gobo. We are able to adjust modifiers on the wheel to fine-tune the exact look we need, such as: enabling/disabling at runtime, scale of the mask, and spin speed.

Animation Wheel Scale:

Animation Wheel Spin:

Our latest version implements wheel polarity, allowing us to set the direction in which the origin point of the wheel sits. This feature enables us to structure the internal wheel positions within any light fixture to mirror the layout of a real stage light. This feature also enabled us the ability to “slide” the animation wheel mask in and out of the frame like one would in reality.

Animation Wheel Polarity and Insertion:

Like many of our other gobo masks, the animation wheel logic can be disabled for any lights that won’t use it during a show. Saving performance cost wherever possible!

-Joe Bonura