Refining Framing Shutters

As we started to perfect our lights, we started to focus on the various functions a light could have. One of the first ones we wanted to get right was the Framing Shutter. Using the material editor, we can enable and disable framing shutter instructions in any light utilizing a gobo. We created a system that allows direct access to 4 shutters in the main polar coordinates; controlling their offsets, rotation, and blur.

Framing Shutter Offsets:

Our shutters can be rotated along the perimeter of the gobo individually, or as a group. Any individual rotations or offsets will be maintained during group movements.

Framing Shutter Individual Rotation:

Framing Shutter Group Rotation:

Framing shutter blur functionality will work with any arrangement of your shutters, all you need to worry about it the strength of the blur you desire.

Framing Shutter with Blur:

We hope you enjoyed a little look at our framing shutter functionality within Carbon!