Our Objective

The Future

Recent advancements in 3D gaming have inspired us to research using a full-feature game production engine to solve problems that have eluded other software developers: the realism vs performance conundrum, efficient workflows with industry standard CAD software, and the lack of a “silver bullet” solution. We’ve concluded that we can offer amazing image quality, impressive frame rate, and the flexibility to create any asset that may be used in a live show. We can now integrate everything from Lighting, Video, Moving Scenery, Characters and Crowd, Special Effects within one visualization platform.


Until now, Visualization technology has always suffered a singular challenge: Speed at the expense of quality, and vice versa. When simulating a complex event, you can improve settings to render a beautiful, high-quality image, but it can take a long time for the computer to calculate. Conversely, if you need speed and responsiveness with a live stream of instructions coming from a lighting console, you must make visual quality compromises. Within the current landscape of tools that are in use today, each falls somewhere in this spectrum. Furthermore, the workflow of creating a simulated scene is tedious and requires an experienced technician to optimize the geometry, process the data, and effectively “rebuild the scene.” Simply put, there have been no real-time tools to give designers amazing image quality with an easy-to-use workflow and interface, until now.